Designware Overview

Available Sizes and Colours:

  • EP325 - (Satin Aluminum) 325mm (length)
  • EP385 - (Satin Aluminum) 385mm (length
  • EP610 - (Satin Aluminum) 610mm (length)
  • EP912 - (Satin Aluminum) 912mm (length)

Pictured - Custom cut Integral Pull, Machined to fit the specifications of each drawer or door. Pricing includes slotting for drawer or door. Installation is purchaser's responsibility. Drill for functional hardware, prior to pull installation. An overhang of 0.5mm on the sides and approximately 1mm on the face of an assembled door or drawer is normal but will vary based on the final thickness and choices of laminates or veneers when combined with the substrates. During cabinet door installation, please consider the pull adds 2mm in height.