PUR-fection Series Doors

The evolution of high-gloss cabinet doors and panels

Pentco's new PUR-fection series doors represent a giant leap in the evolution of creating the perfect, high gloss, contemporary cabinet door. PUR-fection doors are produced using PUR (polyurethane reactive) glue, an adhesive used in Europe for many years to bond surface materials to various substrates. A special formulation of PUR was developed to create the slick, ultra-modern cabinet doors and trims for high-end kitchen and bath designs seen throughout Europe's design and fashion capitals. Now Pentco has brought the technology and materials to North America to build the PUR-fect door.

PUR forms a smooth and strong bond between gloss laminated products or acrylic materials and a suitable substrate. PUR eliminates common telegraphing issues associated with traditional glues when joining surface materials to substrates. Using PUR creates a smoother, glassy surface that matches or surpasses other high-gloss panels on the market. PUR also addresses many of the other shortcomings of traditional adhesives used in the industry. It does not discolor, crack, or shrink. It is water and heat resistant and is food safe when cured.

On paper and up close, PUR-fection doors from Pentco are superior in every way. Backed by Pentco's manufacturing prowess, PUR-fection doors can be custom sized and detailed with a variety of edge treatments, from 0.5mm to 2mm, including special two toned edges known as the V-edge, that create the look of a glass panel door.

Now you can have the appeal of modern European design with the ability to customize door and panel sizes, the thickness of your substrates, and edge treatments so they fit your space and design perfectly. So why put up with the delay, limited product choice, or expense associated with European products? PUR-fection doors are without a doubt, the perfect solution to frame the perfect design at a perfect price.

A Variety of Options

- Surface Material: Gloss Acrylic or Laminate
- Edgebanding Designs from 0.5, 1 & 2mm
- Substrate Thickness as required
- Custom Sized according to your specifications